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Texas and the Artichoke welcomes you to this vibrant and bold picnic set on a imaginary Mediterranean afternoon by the sea.

The collection is an homage to those vintage ads from the 60's of families enjoying a picnic under the sun with elegant crokery, quirky thermos, silver cuttlery and food of dubious taste.


These bold yet versatile scarves are crafted in the UK in the finest silk and feature a collision of contrasting prints with fresh hues, ideal for a wand around after lunch or a nap under a tree.

Drape, wrap or knot it around the neck over a loosely styled white shirt and finish with your favorite jeans to let the scarf take centre stage.


  • 90 x 90 cm

    Material: 100% silk satin

    Dry clean only

    Designed and made in the UK.

    Packaged in a luxury presentation box.

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