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Our much loved Parrots notebook is made out of off-cuts of our silk scarves.


Determined to have sustainable and ethical products, we felt the need in using the bits of our scarves, which would otherwise go to waste, into making the covers of these beautifully handmade notebooks which feature cuts from our 100% silk satin silk scarves.


These notebooks come in A6 size with blank paper, ideal for taking daily notes, writing down your ideas and or sketching away on a daily basis or even whilst commuting.






  • Parrots aquamarine silk notebook.

    100% bespoke, 100% sustainable, 0% waste.


    Luxury heavy cream paper

    Plain pages

    Pink ribbon page marker

    50 Pages

    Size – A6  10.5cm W x 15cm H


    Due to the nature of the covers being made out of our off-cuts, no individual notebook is the same. Each and everyone of them are unique and beautiful in their own way.

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